Teaching practice

My placement in 3rd year was at St Peters primary school. My overall grade for this placement was 1.

My placement in 2nd year was at PoundHill junior school. My overall grade for this placement was 1.

My placement in 1st year was at West Blatchington primary school. My overall grade for this placement was 2.

As part of being a reflective practitioner, I have identified 3 core values that I try and maintain through my practice. These are enthusiasm and motivation, empowering and celebrating diversity as well as promoting respect and responsibility.

Empowering and celebrating diversity should be at the heart of all teaching. To ensure your classroom empowers all learners, you need to create a respectful ethos through a range of depiction. This is easily created through a book corner that includes high quality texts that represent a variety of people, this could include topics such as; disability, gender, race, religion and different families. These books will need to be accompanied with displays that reflect the learners in your classroom and open discussions during PSHE lessons. Additionally, festivals from around the world should be celebrated and discussed to raise awareness and acceptance. For examples of high quality texts to use in the classroom look at my blog.


Respect and responsibility should be a whole school value as well as a class value. This value easily interlinks with empowering and celebrating diversity. To promote responsibility, children should know what behaviour is expected of them as well as what they are expected to learn each lesson. This can be underpinned by children creating their own success criteria and creating shared behaviour expectations. Additionally, children can be supported to be independent through effective displays that encourage and promote children to be autonomous learners.


Motivation and enthusiasm are crucial in every lesson. By planning creative and well resourced lessons all children will be engaged and motivated to learn. When children feel proud of their work this should be celebrated to create a classroom culture where children are engaged in their learning journey.

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