Core subjects

For my final English assignment, I had to write an essay to explain how to teach high quality English. For this assignment I was awarded 75%

Here is a copy of my English assignment.

For my final year Maths assignment, I had to identify misconceptions in a child’s work and plan teaching to address the misconceptions. For this assignment I was awarded 60%

Here is a copy of my final Maths assignment 

In my Second year of my degree we had to create a maths video and poster on a particular calculation. I chose to write about long division as this allowed me to develop my subject knowledge. Here is the link to my video

For this assignment I was awarded 54%.

math poster

In my Second year of studying literacy at Brighton we we asked to create a poster detailing the analysis of a child’s writing (including phonics/spelling development) and an exploration of appropriate teaching strategies that would be used to facilitate the
child’s writing development. For this work we were awarded 65%

In the first year of this course, during the literacy module, we were asked to work in groups to create resources for a phonic lessons and link this to theory. My group chose ‘p’ to focus on and the book we chose to underpin this was the princess and the pea. This assignment was pass or fail, we passed.

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In my first year at Brighton we were asked to work in a group to complete a mathematical game, this included designing a game to support the aims of the national curriculum and then use the game on placement in order to review the game. The game we designed was called nice or nasty and here is the link to the group review. This was a pass/fail module. We passed.

Here is a copy of the nice or nasty game.

As an additional non-graded assignment we were asked to review 30 different children’s books. I really enjoyed this task as I love children’s literature and this way a great task to help me whilst on placement and in my future teaching practice.

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