Foundation subjects

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In our first year, for the foundation assignment we are asked to create and present a modern foreign language lesson. My group chose to teach a french lesson on bakery keywords which would prepare children for a role play bakery in the following lesson. For the presentation, we each spoke about a different part of the lesson either theory, link to the national curriculum and I demonstrated the french lesson. This presentation was accompanied by a leaflet persuading parents to choose french.  For the assignment we were awarded 70% and for my leaflet I was given 70%.


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In my second year we engaged with a non-graded cross curricular group project. My group focused around the book Beegu and we each wrote a 6 week lesson plan for a particular foundation subject around Beegu. I wrote about art and created the flick book to illustrate the techniques from the planned lessons.

For science in second year we had to write an essay on creative teaching in science, this was informed from university lectures and my own teaching practice. This was incredibly useful as it showed me strategies that I hadn’t previously seen or used which was great for placement. For the Science essay I was awarded 60%


In the second semester of second year I wrote a critical and reflective essay on an art lesson I taught whilst on placement. I really enjoyed planning and teaching a series of art lessons and reflecting on them was really useful and will influence my next teaching practice.  For this assignment I was awarded: 72%


As part of my continuing professional development I chose to explore learning outside the classroom, this included forest school, a beach trip, a church visit and the i360.


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