Abstraction- Involves filtering information in order to concentrate on the most important part.

Algorithm- Step by step instructions to solve a problem.

Code– Instructions written in computer language, telling a computer what to do.

Computational thinking- Is understanding a complex problem in order to develop a solution in a way a human and computer can understand.

Debugging– Fixing code to remove errors or bugs.

Decomposition- Breaking a problem into smaller pieces making it more manageable and therefore easier to understand.

Input– Information or instructions which you put into a computer.

Logical reasoning- Is the process of applying rules to aid problem solving.

Output– The results you get from a computer.

Program– A set of instructions in computer language, which tells a computer what to do.

Remix–  A new version of a project, in which the code has been altered.

Sprite– A picture which you can attach scripts of code.


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